Food Ingredients

Processed from carefully selected food grade salmon by-products, using natural and non-GMO industrial enzymes.

  • Biomega® Peptides
  • Biomega® Salmigo
  • Biomega® Salmoil

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Pet food ingredients

Optimal balanced protein fractions of molecular distribution and amino acid Composition. Contains a whole range of essential dietary component enzymes for pets.

  • Salmeal® Active
  • Salmigo® Protect
  • Salmoil® Pet

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Food grade products

Biomega is the only company in Norway to hold food grade approval for both Salmon Oil, Salmon Meal and Peptides. Biomega is a research driven company. Innovation is at our core.

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Biomega announces new CEO

Biomega Group AS (“Biomega”), controlled by the agribusiness focused asset manager AMERRA Capital Management LLC (“AMERRA”),  announced that Jørgen Horntvedt, currently Director at PwC in Bergen, has been appointed Biomega´s chief executive officer. He will assume the role no later than June 1, 2017.

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Unique natural marine ingredients by Biomega