Salmon Meal, Salmon Oil and Marine Peptides from Norway

Food grade Salmon Oil and Salmon Meal for the Pet Food industry

Biomega AS is the leading Norwegian producer of high quality Salmon Meal, Salmon oil, and marine peptones for the pet food industry. The products are food grade, and delivered to Premium, Super Premium and Veterinary Pet Food Producers World Wide.
The core philosophy of Biomega AS is to use Fresh Raw Materials, cooled and without chemicals. Throughout the production we minimize the use of heat, and have developed sophisticated bio-refining to ensure the gentle separation of the nutritional components. We add natural enzymes to predigest the proteins. This is exactly the same Natural Process as in pets digestive system. By copying nature, we increase the availability of the nutrients. We have to think how the original product (salmon) can achieve the highest benefits for the pet. Proximity and freshness of the raw material secures stabile supply to our customers.

Our Salmon Meal, the product Salmeal Complete, contains all the nutrients from salmon (lipids, proteins, minerals and peptides). At the same time the composition and bioactivity of these nutrients are designed for optimal absorption in the pets digestive system.

Salmoil Pet is a Virgin Norwegian Salmon Oil for Pets, produced from the freshest salmon meat. This is the first oil released from the tissues, and this is achieved at the low temperature of 55 C degrees. The gentle heat avoid damage to the natural antioxidants, astaxanthin, and minimize the oxidation. Cats and dogs can tolerate oxidized oils, however, pet owners prefer odor free products.

Salmigo is a marine peptide, with molecular weight below 10.000 Dalton. The predigested peptides exhibits bio-active effects such as Cardioprotection, Increased immune system stimulation, Improves Intestinal Health, and Improves the lipid profile. Due to the low molecular weight is is also used in veterinary diets, and in anti allergic pet food.

We have compressed 15 years of development in a short video of 50 seconds. View how we receive the raw material, produce to the highest standard in order to deliver top quality products.

Biomega Salmon Oil, Meal and Marine Peptides


From fresh natural Norwegian Salmon we produce: Salmon Oil, Salmon Meal, Marine Peptides, and Palatants. Salmeal Complete (Salmon Meal) is designed to be the premium salmon meal world wide for pet food. It is produced according to food grade st...

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Sustainability is about inflicting as little damage to nature as possible. Moreover it is about running a company in harmony and as a part of the natural cycles. Biomega was founded in year 2000, and with the following goals: Utilize fish waste to dem...

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Norway has one of the longest coastlines in the world (100 915 km), combined with some of the deepest fjords. The climate is are is Sub tropic (Boreal) with very mild winters. These conditions creates some of the most biological productive waters. For cen...