About Us

Biomega AS is the leading Norwegian producer of high quality salmon oil, salmon meal and marine peptones. The products are delivered as pet food ingredients, nutritional supplement, and industrial bioactive components.
Salmon Oil Suppliers
Biomega produce from Sustainable Marine Bioproducts. Sophisticated bio-refining ensures gentle separation of the nutritional components. Proximity and freshness of the raw material secures stabile supply to our customers.


2012: Completed the construction of World’s largest factory for continuous enzymatic separation of Salmon Nutrients (oil, protein, minerals). Annual capacity of 60.000 Mt raw material; and the lowest production cost of the industry.

2011: Reached 30.000 Mt of raw material processed.

2003: Completed the worlds first factory for continous enzymatic separation of salmon-by products. Production capacity 12.000 MT/year.

2001: Company established in the Norwegian region of Hordaland; the area of the world with the highest density of salmon production.