CSR and ethics

Salmon Fish OilThe Biomega standard is to treat by-products from fish without any use of chemicals.

We do not use chemicals for processing, storage or transportation. We treat Nature respectfully, even when challenging for our operations. Back in 2001, this was completely new to our industry. Now, it has become our everyday way of life.

Creating value for local businesses

Starting out, we wanted to create valuable products of by-products others considered waste. By-products was a problem to be solved.  We were paid to handle the raw material. Today, by-products is a growing industry. Our larges cost is purchasing the same raw material. We have nurtured a new industry for local businesses, adding new revenues for fish farmers and the fishing industry in Norway. We source our raw materials only from fish harvested for human consumption.

Clean hydro power and natural gas condensate

Our energy sourcing is based on clean hydro power and natural gas condensate. The condensate is a by-product from oil & gas production, historically burned directly into the air at oil refineries. We are among the very few companies using this as an energy source in Norway.

Natural processes

Our belief is to copy nature. Our production process is copying the digestion process of human and mammals. We are the only company to operate as a continuous industrialized process. The result is the purest fractions of soluble and non-soluble proteins, oils and minerals.

Our products are traded for human consumption and pet food. All our raw materials are traceable and with documented animal welfare.

Our ethical standards:

  • All raw materials are food grade standard.
  • All raw materials are traceable with documented animal welfare.
  • Small environmental footprint without use of chemicals in our production process.
  • Clean energy sourced from hydro power and by-products from natural gas condensate.