Biomega Salmon Oil Norway

Biomega Salmon Oil Norway

Biomega is the unrivalled Norwegian producer of high-quality salmon based meal, peptides and oil. This is our history.

Biomega was started 15 years ago to produce animal feed. We always had the vision to expand to human food consumption.

Strategically, we started with animal feed and steadily extended our range of products. Today, we trade both in animal feed, pet food and food for human.

Our products range from food ingredients and nutritional supplement, to industrial bioactive components. Biomega produce fresh food grade+ products from salmon filet by-products.

Sophisticated bio-refining processes ensure careful separation of nutritional components. Local and fresh raw materials guarantee stabile supply to our worldwide customers.

Our milestones

2017: Acquired by New York based venture fund AMERRA Capital Management, LLC.

2013: Approved for human food production.

2012: Completed World’s largest factory for continuous enzymatic separation of salmon nutrients (oil, protein and minerals). Annual capacity of 60.000 Mt raw materials. Cost leadership within the industry.

2011: Passed 30.000 Mt of raw materials processed.

2007-2008: Started production of pet food ingredients, the principal protein market for our company.

2003: Completed world’s first factory for continuous enzymatic separation of salmon by-products. Production capacity passed 12.000 MT a year.

2001: Company established in Hordaland, Norway. This region is the global heart of salmon fish farming.