This is the Biomega management team

Thomas Samdal, InterimS CFO/CFO

+47 93 66 46 06


Marianne Warner, Head of Global Sales

Marianne studied food science and technology at Wageningen University. With the passion to help people live healthier lives  she has worked in international Marketing & Sales of healthy food ingredients for over 20 years. Her experience in Omegas and Proteins (Univar, Bioriginal/Omega Protein and Avebe) can be combined at BiomegaMarianne sees a great future for sustainable high quality food ingredients with proven health benefits.

+31 6 46 87 06 90


Kjartan Sandnes, CSO 

Kjartan Sandnes (CSO) was co-founder of Biomega where he has held various positions (BOD member and chairman, CSO and CEO) and founder of Alkymar AS. Sandnes has background as senior scientist at NIFES, a governmental research institute within nutrition. From 1995 – 2005 he served as CEO of several research-based companies – Austevoll Fiskefôr AS, SeaGrain AS, Thia Medica AS and Bio Food and Feed AS. Sandnes has been appointed member in various public advisory committees related to the marine sector, as well as general science-based industry developments. He was involved in establishing the Norwegian Network for Industrial Biotechnology ( ) and held the position as chairman for the initial years 2012-2013. Sandnes holds a PhD in nutrition from the University of Bergen (1992).

+ 47 41663965


Anette Kausland, COO

+47 97 76 71 69


Harald Hagen, Head of Sourcing

Harald Hagen has a master degree from 1992 in Fish Health from University of Bergen. He has been engaged in the Norwegian Aquaculture Industry since 1992 in different roles. From 1992-2000, Harald was engaged in Hordafòr AS – a Norwegian Silage company – where he had different roles, incl. QA-manager and Head of Sales. In 2000, Harald was one of the founders, and shareholders, of Biomega AS. In Biomega, Harald had different roles, incl. Head of Sales and member of the board. Harald`s current role in Biomega AS is Head of Sourcing

+ 47 91640471


Bjørn Liaset, Director of R&D

+47 95 86 95 68


Piotr Wingaard, Director of Business Development

+47 92 66 88 64


Ulrikke Hernæs, Director of Strategic Projects

+47 99 29 03 62