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Posted on July 9, 2015
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Good production of fish meal in the first half of 2015 has balanced some of the market. But the drop in prices from last years peak has also increased consumption by various customers.
In the Norwegian Salmon market the Feed sales are 9 % lower in July 2015, compared to July 2014. This is caused by lower sea temperatures. So far in 2015 there is sold 2 % less salmon feed, compared to the same period in 2014. But, the slaughtering is up with 4,5 %. I.e. Less fish in the sea.
What may be a bit more concerning is the lower temperatures in the rivers. This is caused by a winter with much snow, so still in August there are many rivers based on melted water from the snow/ice in the mountains. Salmon hatcheries use this fresh water. And the lower temperature has reduced the growth/size of many smolts (Smolt is a small salmon, breeded in fresh water, and ready to be set out in salt water. The larger the smolt, the healthier and more robust is the growth of the salmon). This year many smolts are in the size of abt 75 grams; whereas other years they can be up to about 125 grams.

In the media, there is an increased attention to the El Nino. It looks to be strong this winter, but it is too early to predict if it has a large or small impact on the Peruvian fisheries. If you are above average interested in El Nino, this is a very good article.

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