Salmon Meal and Salmon Oil – Market Report 12 JULY 2016

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Posted on August 23, 2016
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Good fishing in Peru. Still too early to see if the full quota will be reached.

Unprecedented high prices for Norwegian Salmon, due to limited short term supply. Prices reported as high as 95 NOK (above 10 EUR/Kg). Limited supply of salmon might also influence the volume of raw material to our production. In Norway the production of salmon is regulated by maximum biomass quotas. However, this gives a somewhat uneven supply as the salmon grows faster during the summer and slower in the winter. In order to compensate for this, salmon farmers are now permitted to adjust the quota higher and lower, and make an average during the year. This will allow the supply to match the demand in a better way. Critics claims this is not good for the sea-lice situation with higher density during the summer, as higher volumes may be combined with good growth conditions for sea lice.

In Chile there is a discussion to introduce a 3 % maximum annual growth of salmon, in order to handle the situation of illness better.

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