Salmon Meal and Salmon Oil – Market Report 13 SEPTEMBER 2016

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Posted on November 23, 2016
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Generally for fish meal prices, there are some indications in various directions. Prices have come down considerably in Peru, making it more competitive. For other origins there is also a weaker trend, but not so clear. At the end of October there is the Annual conference for IFFO (Fish meal and Oil Producers Organization). Normally in the times leading up to the conference, and the time after, the prices are strong. Some would say artificially strong in that period. It is probably a mental thing when many sellers talk, and all are optimistic for the future. Having said this, there might very well be a good fishing in Peru at the end of the year (Nov/Dec) which might put pressure on the prices. At the moment, still too early to tell.

On the Ethoxyquin there is a meeting yesterday/today in the EFSA standing committee. The rumor is that this may be banned in Europe for direct inclusion in feed; permitted for another two years in fish oils; and for four years in fish meal. But, as far as we know, no official decision yet. The matter has also been postponed several times in the past.

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