Salmon Meal and Salmon Oil – Market Report 15 APRIL 2016

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Posted on May 23, 2016
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The overall impression communicated from the market, is that there are too high selling ideas, and too low buying ideas. Beneath the surface the regular trade continues. Producers have to move volumes, buyers need to cover. We see good volumes being covered as buyers are starting to look into second half of 2016.

Last year, the Norwegian government introduced «green permits». In Norway every salmon farm needs a permit to operate. This is the way we regulate the volume of salmon produced. The Green permits have higher environmental requirements, and the aim is to encourage mores sustainable salmon farming. The industry has often been criticized for escaped salmon. Salmon is farmed in cages, and sometimes by storms, or accidents with boats, the fish may escape. The fear is that this fish will then breed with the local salmon, and reduce the health/ability to survive. One of the attempts to avid this is to farm sterile salmon. Also described as Triploid Salmon, which cannot reproduce. At the moment the Triploid salmon is a bit more sensitive to low oxygen levels and high sea temperatures. So, in order to apply a green permit for Triploid salmon, it has to be at a location with good natural conditions.

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