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Posted on September 7, 2016
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Limited volumes of salmon slaughtering at the moment. We have had a spring with good slaughtering volumes. As a consequence of this there are some areas with less fish in the sea (also influenced by the sea lice situation).

A Salmon has abt 400-600 days from outset in the sea to slaughtering. I.e. It takes some time for the production to adjust to the demand. On the other hand, the salmon can be slaughtered earlier than this, but the best (most efficient) growth is in the last part of the salmon life. Should the salmon grow longer, it will reach maturity, and the strong red color will vanish. It is still e healthy fish to eat, but it is not being sold to human consumption. Main reason it to maintain the good market image of a strong read color.
As a comparison a chicken is normally produced (hatching to slaughtering) within 26-40 days.

Production of Salmon Meal and Salmon Oil is currently steady, but could be higher. Outlook for the coming weeks somewhat low volumes. Still too early to see a rise in production.

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