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Posted on May 2, 2016
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Continued tight supply situation for both salmon and salmon meal. Slightly higher volumes this week (normally just before Easter), also normally followed by two weeks of below average volumes.  Generally high demand for salmon oil. It seems there is some physical shortage for nearby shipments.
The re-authorisation of Ethoxyquin by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) is again postponed. Without being a part of this process, we have the following observations:

  • It seems EFSA would rather postpone, than allow re-authorisation.
  • It seems that all the involved parties (in favor of continued use of Ethoxyquin) are using arguments of how the use can be reduced.
  • No companies argues strongly for the increased use of Ethoxyquin.
  • The main argument is for continued use, due to practical and shipping restrictions (some shipping lines requires the use of Ethoxyquin in fish meal).
  • It seems like most consuming companies try and avoid the use. It is already taken out of fish oils, and only a part of the fish meal factories use it.
  • In general Pet food companies stopped using fish meal with Ethoxyquin some 10 years ago.

In sum many companies are used to the application; and it may be inconvenient to change. Perhaps not comparable, but to a certain degree this parallels other discussions which is about change: Is DDT harmful? Is smoking Harmful? Does fossile fuel contribute to green house gasses. The bottom line, if someone can rise doubts about a decision, it is more likely to be postponed. An interesting book/film on the subject is:

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