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Posted on July 4, 2016
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Uncertainty regarding the size of the next fishing quota in Peru. Imarpe recommends further surveys as the current data shows lower biomass than expected. Market waiting for direction, but little input to support weaker prices at the moment. Petroleum stronger by 10 % over the week. Somehow mixed input from other markets. Veg oils (CBOT) flat. Veg Proteins (CBOT) strongly up. Animal proteins weak in Europe.

In Norway the Food Inspection Service is reporting reduced number of sea lice in salmon, compared to the last two years. There are several reasons for this: less fish in the sea (i.e. Lower density in production) due to high slaughtering last year. Better preventive measures in production: Feeding at deeper sea levels, use of sea skirt (protecting the surface side of the cages), and enhanced knowledge. This has also reduced the usage of chemicals. Please bear in mind that there has been a challenge with sea lice in the Norwegian salmon production for some years. A number of measures are implemented to improve on this subject, so this is good news for the moment. Still the industry has to work hard on further improvements. Want to practice Norwegian, or test Google translate:

For some years there has been discussions regarding the growth rate for the Norwegian salmon production, and consequently Salmon Meal and Oil volumes. Much efforts and better solutions are the groundwork for future expansion.

Chilean scientists to monitor the connection between red algae and salmon mortality

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