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Posted on April 18, 2016
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Limited volumes of salmon available for slaughtering in Norway. This gives temporarily high prices for Salmon, and less raw material for producing salmon oil and meal. Other markets for fishmeal both in Europe and South America generally weaker.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute came out with a new report on the Antibiotics use in Norwegian Salmon. This might be interesting for some of you to save.
Again and again it is being claimed the use of antibiotics in Norwegian salmon. It is about 25 years since Norway reduced the antibiotics use in Salmon to a minimum. All the figures attached. Please also take a look at the scale of the figures. The total use (sales) of antibiotics to Salmon in Norway was 511 kg, for a production of 1.300.000 tons of salmon (2014 figures)


For the complete report:


As a comparison, the usage of antibiotics in Chile, for 2014 was 563.000 kg, on a production of 897.676 tons of salmon:

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