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Posted on August 5, 2016
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Finally we had the quota in Peru. And a larger quota than expected. 1,8 Mill tons, based on estimation of 7,3 Mill tons biomass. For the industry this is very good news. Some sellers might claim that a small quota is good for high prices. However, it makes the market unpredictable. So in the longer picture, stable supply is good for all. Also credit to IMARPE who appears to have managed the quotas in a balanced way.

Prices for Salmon still at a historically high level. We have had some weeks of very warm weather, leading to higher sea temperatures which again is good for the growth. Should the high temperatures continue, it might lead to a level of reduced growth. And, some other growth challenges (like sea lice) have a higher potential in warmer waters.

Not very relevant for the market, but this morning i had the benefit of leaving for work at 04.00 hrs: A beautiful deer at 20 meters distance in the neighbors driveway. We were watching each other for about 15 minutes before i left for work:Hjort

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