Salmon Meal and Salmon Oil – Market Report 30 AUGUST 2016

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Posted on September 26, 2016
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Some of the salmon farmers of Norway may be influenced by strike this week. This is the first time in history, and at the primary strike may influence abt 10 % of the farms. At this time we do not expect any influence on our production. Overall Norwegian salmon production for 2016 is expected to fall 5 % versus 2015. The first 6 months the drop was 9 % vs 2015 figures. Mainly influenced by early slaughtering (i.e. Lower slaughter wight per fish).

Demand for salmon oil still exceeding the current production. Price also influenced by higher prices for rape seed oil.

Not the big news from south american fishing. People are starting to guesstimate possible new quotas from November. The saying is that it may be a good fishing, but in fact this is far too early to tell.

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