Salmon Meal and Salmon Oil – Market Report 6 SEPTEMBER 2016

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Posted on October 17, 2016
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In Peru the fish meal prices have dropped about 10-20 %. The interesting part from is this happened some 3 weeks ago. Only active market players were aware of the fact in the beginning. And, most of them have no interest in sharing the news to outsiders. Sellers prefer other buyers to believe in high prices. And, buyers who have been able to cover at the low prices would prefer this remains a secret. The buildup started already in the spring. As there was no quota given in the April/May, and early June period, the Peruvean meal prices remained high. And, missed some extra trades into the Norwegian salmon feeders. Now, during the summer Peruvians also missed some trades into the Chinese aqua season. On this background there had to be some price adjustment. Other origins of fish meal have taken markets, and the veg complex is lower.

Locally in Norway there was no strike at the salmon farms. Negotiations were completed 5 hours after the deadline. Norwegian salmon prices continue lower, and are now coming into a more «normal» price level.

In previous years we have seen salmon oil dropping to low price levels when there is oversupply. However the consumption of salmon oil to salmon feeding continues, and this absorbs most of the surplus volumes. In our region we still see low volumes of slaughtering. It is said to increase, but we have not seen the fish yet. Perhaps we will be more into a normal situation in October.

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