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Posted on May 24, 2016
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Generally some spread between buyers and sellers price ideas. However, business is picking up after the holidays. As per Feb 2016, the amount of Salmonoids in Norwegian waters (accumulated biomass) was 688.000 Tons. About 7 % lower than last year. For the last 15 years, close to every year has had a year on year growth, so this reduction is unusual. Obviously this has also influence our production. Nevertheless, the outlook for growth going forward seems good for the coming months. The estimated increase in volumes is welcome, as we (Biomega) have been balancing with very tight stocks for some time. So far this has not had any influence for our customers, but for us it would be good to come back to normal stocks. It still appears still to be a shortage in the market by some companies for both Salmon Oil and Salmon Meal.

As for prices forward and the outlook, we do not foresee the big changes on our products. We have had minimal changes in the tight situation, and expect this price level to remain. What might change the balance is the Peruvian Fishing. Judging from the last season it appears to be an improved monitoring, and also more detailed control of this. The several short regional mini bans was examples of. Although, all going normal we do expect the big difference.

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