Food Grade approval by Norwegian Food Authorities (Mattilsynet):Approval number H 57 (according to EU Regulation 854/2004)

EU Animal By-Poroduct, approval by Norwegian Food Authorities (Mattilsynet) number 1000779 (EU Regulation 1774/2002).

Det Norske Veritas:

GMP+ B2 Quality Control of Feed Materials, Approved by Det Norske Veritas, Number: PDV109441
Trust Feed Approved

Ethical standard

Sustainable sourcing from selected Norwegian Salmon Producers.
Sustainable design of our products, to satisfy the requirements of our client base in: Pet food, Human Consumption, Fish Feed and bio-refining.
All raw material Traceable with documented animal welfare.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Low Environmental Footprint (no use of chemicals in the process, energy sourced from hydro power and by-products from natural gas).