Corporate Social Responsibility

The founding principal for Biomega was to treat by-products from fish withoutwithout the use of Chemicals. Not during storage, transportation, processing, nor storage of finished products. We treat the nature respectfully; and, although challenging, it is possible. At that time, this was a completely new approach to fish products. However, over the years it has become our everyday life.

The other principle was that we wanted to make high value products of something people considered as Waste. In the beginning we were paid to receive the raw material. Today our larges cost is the purchase cost of this same raw material. In this way we have increased the value to the local companies, and secure the fish farming, and fishing industry in Norway.

Salmon Fish Oil


Our energy sourcing is based from hydro power, and natural gas condensate. This is a by-product from the gas industry, and we are one of the very few companies using this as energy. Before we started, this by-product was burned directly to the air at oil refineries.
Sustainable sourcing. We source our raw material from by-products from fish slaughtered for human consumption.


We give people a second chance. We have work training and employment of people who has been long time out of work.

Copy Nature

We wanted to copy Nature. Our production process is a copy of what is happening in the digestion system of humans and mammals. We are the Only company to run this as a continuous industrialized process. It results in the purest fractions of soluble proteins, non soluble proteins, oils and minerals. We wanted an ethical application of our products. We deliver to the applications: Pet foods, fish feed and food industries.