Food ingredients

Biomega products are GMP+ approved, permitted for human food consumption. We ship to nutraceuticals, food manufacturers and veterinary pet food producers worldwide. The idea for Biomega is to replicate the human and animal digestive systems, thus improving the protein absorption in the colon.

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Pet food ingredients

Pre-digested peptides increase bio-active effects to cardio protection, immune system stimulation, intestinal health, and lipid profile. Because of low molecular weight, peptides are also used for veterinary diets and anti-allergic pet food.

Biomega ingredients are recognized for high contents of fish oil in the cell wall, provides for flow properties with high nutritional value

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Tailor-made distribution

98% of our production is exported. We ship to Europe, Asia, North America and South America. To every customer, distribution is tailor-made.

We provide full transparency. Our documentation is comprehensive to comply with local trade regulations worldwide.

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Unique natural marine ingredients by Biomega