Pet food

Biomega Norway Norwegian Salmon Meal Virgin Salmon Oil Peptide Palatant

Biomega manufactures three high quality pet-food ingredient products: Salmeal® Active, Salmigo® Protect and Salmoil® Pet.


Salmeal® Active

Salmeal® Active contains a wide range of essential dietary components like minerals, trace elements and omega-3 fatty acids.

Salmeal® Active is manufactured from food grade salmon tissues, using a patented continuous enzymatic hydrolysis method with natural industrial non-GMO enzymes.

This bio-refining process secures a unique blend of proteins and peptides, optimal for pet digestion and absorption.

Pet digestive systems and its enzymes, split proteins into smaller fragments, so that the pre-digested peptides with a range of potential bioactive functions, can be absorbed with full effect.

The optimal balanced protein fraction of molecular distribution and amino acid composition, contains a whole range of essential dietary components like minerals, trace elements and omega-3 fatty acids.


Salmigo® Protect

Salmigo® Protect is processed from salmon tissues by means of natural and non-GMO industrial enzymes. It contains small proteins, peptides and free amino acids. This mix constitutes a highly digestible nutritional source of protein, which has a high biological value (BV) due to the well-balanced content of amino acids.

The unique combination of small peptides can be absorbed directly over the brush border of the cell membrane.

Salmigo® Protect is a unique protein extract from salmon.


Salmoil® Pet

Salmoil® Pet is a crude oil, gently separated from fresh salmon raw materials at our modern bio-refinery facilities.

The raw materials in Salmoil® Pet is food grade certified offcuts carefully selected and processed fresh from Norwegian salmon farmers. Our superior product should be differentiated from salmon oils processed from silage (acidified fish) and traditional fish meal processes.

The patented Biomega production process is using natural and non-GMO industrial enzymes to free the oil in salmon tissues.

Salmoil® Pet contains moderate levels of EPA/DHA/DPA and a natural content of the red colour agent and antioxidant astaxanthin.

The blend is a delicate oil with neutral taste and smell, embracing the strengths of a natural marine oil.

Salmoil® Pet combines the forces of crude oil with the purity of refined oil. The original content of natural antioxidants and vitamins are in place, with taste, smell and appearance as refined oil:

  • Fresh raw materials only
  • Sustainable sourcing: offcuts from Norwegian salmon
  • Fresh from factory: 365 days’ production cycle
  • Long shelf life due to high purity and gentle processing
  • High levels of natural antioxidants and astaxanthin
  • Neutral taste and smell