Salmon Oil Pet

Virgin Salmoil Pet is the premium choice for Super Premium Pet Food Producers. The specific properties of this oil, is developed in co-operation with leading pet food companies. Due to the high quality combined with a competitive price it is filled in bottles, and included in extruded pet food.

-Food Grade.
-Only Fresh Raw material used.
-Sustainable sourcing (off cuts from Norwegian Salmon)
-100 % Salmon, no spiking
-Fresh from the factory (365 days production)
-Long shelf life due to high purity and gentle processing.
-High level of Natural Antioxidants (Asthaxantin).
-Neutral taste and smell, but still crude.

Pet Salmon Oil

To produce Salmoil Pet we apply low temperature enzymatic treatment. The process is the same as in pets digestion, but stopped the moment the lipids are released from the proteins. The low temperature exposure in oxygen sealed equipment is critical for a good quality. Through separation at high G-Force we extract the Virgin Oil to the benefit of the pet.