High Tech Bio-Refinery:

Norway is the historical leader in fish meal and oil production. At the same time Norway has some of the leading refineries in the world, both for petroleum and for biological refining. Based on this competence Biomega has developed state of the art bio refining of marine bio products. The core production is focus on Salmon.

Best Salmon Meal Production


World wide patented, and state of the art continuous hydrolysis refines the nutrients from salmon. At low temperatures, combined with sophisticated machinery, Biomega is able to separate the biological fractions. This reduce the need for Energy, and maintain and enhance the biological effect of the Nutrient.
Contrary to competing companies Biomega separate the salmon into 4 fractions (Soluble proteins, Lipids, Minerals, Non soluble proteins). Traditional processors produce 2 fractions fish meal and fish oil.

Raw material:

Salmon of the highest quality is produced in Norway, giving a broad basis as raw material to our factory. From selected suppliers we purchase fresh salmon products. These are the parts of salmon not brought to your dinner table. The heads, the bones, the fins, gut, tails. The fact that you do not eat this his not nutritional, but rather that you prefer the fillet as the best part of salmon.
However, on a pure Biological composition, these raw materials contains the same beneficial substances as the fillet. Through Biomegas unique bio-refining we extract absolutely all fractions of the salmon, to produce premium salmon meal, salmon oil and peptides, for the pet and the food industry.

Process aids:

Our technology is the foundation for bio-refining pure fractions of fish products. The eminent purity of the fractions create a status of self conservation, and remove the need for chemical process aids. Only natural conservatives and natural enzymes are applied in the production.
The pure refined fractions of lipids, minerals, soluble proteins, and non soluble proteins, enhance the benefit of each individual nutrient. Primarily the need for conservatives and chemicals disappears. And each of these may be purified further for other applications.
The pure fractions creates a state of self conservation.