This is our Story:

On the west coast of Norway a high proportion of Atlantic salmonoids are slaughtered. Biomega is located close to the centre (Bergen) of this region. Many years ago parts of the fish was dumped to the sea. Then the non edible parts were collected at a high cost for the slaughterhouses. In the year 2003 Biomega opened the factory; and started paying for the fish products. This was all of the fish, except the fillet. The heads, the gut, the fins, the bones, the tails. Every part we bought.

Salmon Oil Production Norway

What we wanted to do was to Copy nature.
We changed the industry by paying for the products.
We changed the industry by collecting the products Fresh (without the use of chemicals nor acids).
We changed the industry by demanding high Quality for all fish parts.
We changed the industry with Natural, gentle and biological refining.
We changed the industry by creating high quality products without the use of chemicals, high temperatures, nor ph manipulation. (In existing industry low ph and high temperatures are used to control bacteriological risk, and may eliminate the need for cleanliness).
We changed the industry maintaining the Food quality of every part of the fish; and in every product we make.

Biomega is the onlyonly company in Norway to make food grade products of all parts of the salmon.
The salmon is slaughtered according to animal healthcare approvals.
No dumping of fish products to the sea.
We do not add any Chemicals; neither to the raw material, nor in the process, nor in the final products.
All parts of the fish are used to extract products of high quality and price.

All processes are natural, and using natural processes.
None of our products are sold to the fur industry.
None of our products are burned.
The energy we use is from Hydropower, and by-products from the natural gas production (this is the fraction that previously was burned directly in the gas refinery).
We reuse the Energy several times, to conserve the environment (and expenses).
We reuse water several times, to minimize the consumption (and costs).

Our Raw material:

Head, tails, bones, skin, fins, gills, liver, heart, intestine from more than 20.000.000 salmons. We buy all these products; and pay for each and every part. By valuating the products, we can demand tough quality requirements from our suppliers. At the fish monger, the fish filet for your dinner might be sold as fresh up to 14 days after slaugthering. Our refining process starts at the latest 2 days after slaughtering. A large proportion of our raw material is pre rigo slaughtered. (This means the fillet is taken out within 30 minutes from slaughtering. It gives the highest quality Salmon Fillet; like the Salma. And it is a superior quality for the products for our process.