Salmon: Meal, Oil, Palatants and Peptides from Norway

From fresh natural Salmon we produce: Salmon Oil, Salmon Meal, Marine Peptides, and Palatants.
-All raw materials to our factory are Food Grade and fresh.
-Tight quality control replace the need for chemicals.
-Gentle process temperatures maintains the original nutritional benefits.
-Unique processing technique enables low production cost for super premium products.
-Patented processes for stable production quality.
-Superb purity for extra long shelf life, with minimum need for antioxidants.
-Virgin salmon oil with high contents of the original Natural antioxidants (asthaxantin)
-Predigestion of all proteins/meals ensures highest digestibility.
Biomega Salmon Oil, Meal and Marine Peptides
-Salmeal Complete (Salmon Meal) is designed to be the premium salmon meal world wide for pet food.
The proteins are pre-digested for optimal digestion in the pet. Biomega use exclusive low temperature separation process to maintain the natural palatability of salmon.
The high content of fish oil is contained within the cell wall to give good flow properties with high nutritional value. Minerals are milled to fine powder for increased availability to pets. Our salmon meal is from sustainable sourcing and we use natural production without the use of chemicals.
Salmoil Pet is a Crude Virgin

Salmon Oil

developed for the Pet market. It combines all the natural antioxidant (asthaxantin) which is so unique with Salmon; with a neutral taste and smell.

Salmigo is the premium palatant/peptide from fish. Molecular weight below 10.000 Dalton. Immune stimulant, Improves lipid Profile, Cardioprotective, Soluble. Applied in Super premium, Veterinary and Antiallergic diets for pets.