Research & development

Pioneer in blue bio science

Norway has one of the longest coastlines in the World, including some of the deepest fjords. The climate is sub tropic with mild winters. These conditions create the most biologically productive waters. This has been a foundation for leading Norwegian research institutions within the marine sector. Through close cooperation, Biomega has earned a reputation for being a pioneer in refining of marine proteins.

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Natural processes

Continuous enzymatic hydrolysis is the core refining process at Biomega. Advanced separation techniques give premium quality proteins, lipids and bone derived products. The use of enzymes at low temperatures is vital for replicating natural biology. The process allows separation of the raw material into its biological fractions. Our process is unique and patented worldwide

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Purifying active components

The core competence of Biomega is purifying active components from marine by-products. Peptides, amino acid lipids and minerals constitute a collection of bioactive ingredients. The search for high quality bioactive ingredients will be successful only when processing all parts of an organism.

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Unique natural marine ingredients by Biomega