Food grade production

Biomega is a research driven company. Innovation is at our core.

Biomega was founded as a production and research company, an expert in gentle and natural processing of fresh raw materials of marine origin. Through our dynamic network of innovation capabilities, we continuously improve our products, operations and quality standards.

The core competence of Biomega is purifying active components from marine by-products. Peptides, amino acid lipids and minerals constitute a collection of bioactive ingredients. The search for high quality bioactive ingredients will be successful only when processing all parts of an organism.

A minimum 8% of company revenue is spent on R&D every year. Our innovation portfolio is expanding into new sources and new sustainable solutions for novel and mature markets.

World class research

The health benefits of eating fish are widely known. Still, the identification of bioactive components in fish is still at an early stage. There is a need to develop processes to purify and enhance the effect of such components.

In close cooperation with World class research institutions in Norway and abroad, we engage in programs and projects to move our industry forward.