Process technology

Our production process is a replica of the human and mammal digestion systems. The unique Biomega process is patented worldwide.

Norway has one of the longest coastlines in the World (100 915 km), including some of the deepest fjords. The climate is sub tropic (Boreal) with mild winters. These conditions create the most biologically productive waters. For centuries, harvesting from the sea has been a Norwegian tradition. This have been the foundation for leading Norwegian research institutions within the marine sector. Through close cooperation, Biomega has earned a reputation being a pioneer in refining of marine proteins.

Continuous enzymatic hydrolysis is the core refining process at Biomega. Advanced separation techniques give premium quality proteins, lipids and bone derived products. Our process is unique and patented worldwide.

Natural processes

Our production process is a copy of what is happening in the digestion system of humans and mammals. We are the Only company to run this as a continuous industrialized process. It results in the purest fractions of soluble proteins, non- soluble proteins, oils and minerals. We wanted an ethical application of our products. We deliver to the applications: Pet foods, fish feed and food industries.

Biomega was founded as a production and research company focusing on gentle and natural processing of fresh raw materials of marine origin.

Purifying active components

Biomega was founded with the object of purifying active components from the marine world. Marine peptides, amino acids lipids and minerals constitute a pool of bioactive ingredients – alone or in combinations – which are just about to be discovered. The search for high quality bioactive ingredients can only be achieved by processing all parts of an organism.

Although the health benefits of eating fish are widely known, the identification of bioactive components is still at an early stage. At the same time, there is a need to develop processes to purify and enhance the effect of such components. To make this financially viable and price attractive for the consumer represents a tremendous challenge. Established in 2000, Biomega has grown steadily with the same mission in mind: Improve quality of the products – reduce Costs.

New and improved products are constantly added to our portfolio, alongside a steady reduction in production cost. A minimum 8% of company revenue is spent on R&D every year.