Research projects

World class research portfolio.

Biomega has a strong focus on R&D, and is constantly seeking to be an active partner in research projects, especially focusing on hydrolysis processes, enzyme testing and documentation of marine nutrition health benefits. Biomega has performed several trials in labs and large scale tests on other marine species.

R&D Project portfolio

  • Phosphorus from Salmon bones (With Nofima)
  • Collagen extract from fish skin (With Codland and DTU (NIP))
  • Flavour and taste improvements (With selected vendors)
  • Seasonal variations of fat and protein in raw materials (With SINTEF)
  • Raw materials treatment and quality in marine ingredients (With Nofima)
  • Multistep hydrolysis (Internal R&D)
  • Testing of several marine species (Internal R&D)
  • Further improvement of yield from raw materials (Internal R&D)
  • Hygienic process design (Internal R&D)