Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil:

Norway is the worlds largest producer of salmon, and the high quality salmon is exported world wide. The deep waters, the pure unpolluted Nature are the perfect conditions for Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar). Our trucks collect the salmon products fresh in order to make premium quality salmon oil. Every day, 365 days a year,

salmon oil

is produced at Biomega.
Biomega produce high volume of Salmon Oil of various qualities. The product is GMP+ approved, and approved for human consumption. We deliver volumes from 1000 liters to 1000 tons, and a wide range of applications:
-Pet Food Producers
-Fish Feed producers
-Tanning Induststry
-Technical applications
Various qualities, from

Virgin salmon oil

to technical qualities, all depending upon buyers requirements and cost efficiency.
We ship in Vessels (oil tankers), Bulk containers, Flexibags in containers (24.000 liters), Bulk Trucks, and 1000 liter IBC´s.
Norwegian Salmon Oil