Norway is the wolds largest producer of Salmon. The salmon is produced for human consumption, and all our ingredients are produced from Fresh Norwegian

Salmon products

.Our mission is to create high value products from the salmon fractions that are not the fillets. In our process nothing is wasted. We care for the environment by ensuring that every gram of the salmon is turned into nutritional components. Our products are used for other fish, pet food, or as food ingredients. Within our range of products we deliver the highest quality ingredients.
It all starts at the point of slaughtering. Thereafter our raw material is treated with the same Care as any salmon filet going to the supermarket. It is cooled with ice, and through short transport lines we can maintain food grade into our production. This minimize the need for conservatives. And we pride ourself with using fresher raw materials than you find in the sushi bars.
Norway Salmon Oil Exporter
Traceability: We have a thorough Traceability, tracking the product back to the salmon farm where the fish was caught. Transparency to the origin is key for ensuring food Safety.