Our operation starts at the salmon slaughter. With our own fleet of trucks, we collect salmon products every day, 365 days a year. At the same time we have a flexible approach, allowing suppliers to deliver with their own truck, when suitable. Throughout the operation, the aim is on high hygienic standards, short delivery time, and customized service.

98 % of the production exported.

To nearly all our customers, we make direct deliveries. We ship to Europe, Asia, North America, South America. To every customer we optimize the delivery: Single 1000 liter IBC´s, combinations of IBC´s and big bags, Full Containers, flexibags in containers, bulk trucks with blower, tank trucks with pumps, palletized goods on trucks, full Truckloads, single compartments in tank vessels, or complete Tank Vessels. In general we have competitive solutions to suit every customers need. In this respect we work with full transparency. And, complete documentation to comply with local import regulations world wide.

At the same time, every buyer has the option to collect the goods from our warehouse; if they have a better solution for the freight.